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Early in grade school Aaron Copeland was faced with challenges of being misunderstood, seeming overly inquisitive, having behavioral issues, and being disruptive in class. Aaron grew up the 3rd of four children in a blue-collar, middle class family exposed to a public school system with limited resources to properly assess the needs of its children,…

No Lesson Plans: What You Can Do As a Substitute Teacher

Are you a substitute teacher? Becoming a substitute teacher can be an enormous opportunity for you to get to know the students, fellow teachers, and administrators who will all influence whether or not you get a full-time teaching job. However, there are numerous challenges a substitute teacher must overcome that a regular teacher might not….

Healthcare Staffing Tips: How to Select Nursing Scrubs

Before you can begin working or volunteering as a nurse, you’ll need to pick the right scrubs. Even so, it’s important to remember that not every hospital or healthcare facility you work in will require you to provide scrubs. That said, when you need to wear scrubs, you might also need some help choosing them….

Career Advice: 4 Steps to Get the Raise You Deserve

How long have you had your current job? Whether you are an unsung hero, a longtime employee content with staying in the background, or a relatively new hire who has turned out to be a superstar, you shouldn’t be afraid to advance yourself. We have put together this quick career advice guide, focusing on four…

5 Tips for a Happier New Year as a Registered Nurse

The holiday season can be an extremely stressful time for everyone, especially for nurses. During the week between Christmas and New Years, however, you can take an opportunity to recharge before the start of a brand new year. Here are some tips for a happier new year in 2018 when you work anywhere as a…

3 Fantastic New Year’s Resolutions for Teachers

With Christmas break coming up, teachers can take a week or two to rest and relax. But once the school year picks up again in January, they can start trying some of these fantastic new year’s resolutions. Just what might they be? Please read on to find out!

Achieving Success as a Registered Nurse Through Proper Communication

Communication is a vital part of successfully establishing and maintaining many relationships. However, when you work as a registered nurse, it’s easy for your relationships with friends and loved ones to suffer, since you are so busy. But what about your relationships with supervisors and colleagues? Fostering a healthier relationship with these key groups in…

4 Tips for Accelerating Your 2018 Job Search

It’s finally December, and even if you haven’t had the best luck finding a new dream job, don’t fret. It’s almost the new year, and it will bring a new beginning. Whether you are currently in-between jobs, or you’re a college student about to graduate and on the hunt for your first position in your…

How to Know Your New Workplace is a Good One

No matter what stage of life you are in, career advice is almost always helpful. Sometimes, you’ll be in a position to give that advice, and in others, you’ll be primed to receive it. Once you are about to start a new job, a great deal of anxiety can be reserved for wondering how you…

Helpful Job Interview Tips for Anxious Introverts

Interviewing for jobs can stress anyone out. However, introverts typically find it more difficult to express themselves, and as such, they can be overwhelmed with anxiety in new social or professional situations. If you’re an introvert, follow these tips to prepare yourself and score that job that you’ve been dreaming of for so long.