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Biggest Blunders to Dodge in an Interview

A couple weeks ago, we talked about how your social media presence can have a negative or positive impact on your job search. How you behave in your personal life sometimes reinforces how you’re perceived in your professional life. This week, we’re touching on what happens when you finally get the chance to have an…

How Can I Become a Certified Medical Assistant?

Medical assisting is one the most popular, fastest growing careers in modern medicine. A medical assistant can be found working in clinics, private practices, hospitals, nursing homes, and many other healthcare facilities across the country.

4 Social Media Mistakes to Avoid while in the Job Search

Social media is a great way to network professionally online. Through many different professional sites such as LinkedIn, many job searchers are able to connect with opportunities that would have been otherwise unavailable to them due to geography or general circumstance. Every new avenue of communication is another chance for the world to seem smaller…

Social Work News: Links to Gang Membership and Depression

A new study proves that children and young adults who decide to join gangs are more likely to be depressed and suicidal. These mental health problems are only continuing to worsen finds a news study coauthored by a Michigan State University criminologist.

How to Prepare as a Substitute Teacher

So you’ve decided to be a substitute teacher, congratulations! As one of the most difficult jobs in education, it’s also one of the most important. Substitute teachers are necessary for every school across the country almost every day, and it’s vital that these educators are prepared for the job ahead.