Our Principles


Alignstaffing’s mission is to reduce the impact of persistent poverty on underserved communities by removing barriers so members can contribute and lead in the broader society, and the next generation can invest in themselves.

Guiding Principles

Alignstaffing was founded over 15 years ago on the idea of bridging the divide between talented candidates in the education, healthcare and social services sectors, and the companies and institutions that need them. Our partnership with your organization allows you to focus your energies on what’s most important. We understand the demands you face – time is crucial, and the right staffing, essential. Our experienced team of recruiters can save you that valuable time by always having staff available, credentialed and ready to assist.

From his own personal experience as a young student in special education, alignstaffing’s founder, Aaron Copeland, came to understand the importance of professionals in these fields, not only to the institutions they work for, but to the populations they serve.

Alignstaffing is the premier staffing provider for educationhealthcare, and social services in the Washington, D.C. area, including northern Virginia, Prince George’s County, and Montgomery County. We are committed to being responsive and to aligning our services with your needs. It was the soul of the business 15 years ago and it remains so today.

Our Guiding Principles

Quality of life for our staff, clients, business partners and community.

  • We recognize the human element of business.
  • We see our staff, our clients, our partners and the community as individuals and people.
  • We value quality of life at work as well as outside of work.

Commitment to delivering an exceptional experience.

  • We are committed to our clients’ exceptional experience.
  • We understand our clients’ challenges, needs and goals.
  • We have a high sense of urgency to deliver on our promises.

Making our expertise a distinguishing value.

  • We recognize that our clients require expertise.
  • We aspire to become a trusted advisor.
  • We strive to improve our expertise.

Making the complex simple.

  • We outsource everything we are not experts in.
  • We stay within our core competencies.
  • We strive to communicate succinctly, candidly and with transparency.