Our Story

1998, after founding a successful CPA practice, Aaron Copeland sought to create a better way of identifying and cultivating high-quality education, social services, and behavioral health professionals. Out of this idea, alignstaffing was born.

Alignstaffing began by helping public charter schools in the Washington, D.C. metro area find qualified behavioral health specialists to nurture students with special needs. Over time, we have expanded to also fill positions in the social services, education, and behavioral health fields with excellent candidates who are eager to succeed.

While alignstaffing has blossomed into a multi-location, recognized recruiting firm, we will never lose the dedication we all share to helping our surrounding communities succeed through quality staffing and skilled recruiting.

Alignstaffing was born out of the same ideas that educational and social services institutions are—that every child deserves an education surrounded by uplifting teachers, skilled school administrators, and passionate, like-minded educators, and that everyone deserves quality mental health care.

Informed by the in-school experiences of our founder, Aaron Copeland, and refined over decades of working as a partner of public and private school systems, alignstaffing has a refined eye for connecting high-quality educational, behavioral health, and social services talent with temporary or temporary-to-permanent positions. Thanks to our rigorous candidate selection process, we have developed a pool of engaging and effective individuals that consists of leaders and support staff alike.