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How to Make Your Next Meeting More Engaging

How to Make Your Next Meeting More Engaging

No matter where you work, a meeting of some sort is going to be a common occurrence.

No matter where you work, a meeting of some sort is going to be a common occurrence. But the key takeaway to remember is that you’ve got to try and make your meetings more interesting and engaging. Here’s what you can do to make to make your meeting a time that excites your employees instead of boring them and slowing down the day’s productivity.

Consider Others in the Room

First, consider the other people in the room. Making your meetings better starts by thinking of those employees who will participate in the meeting or have some stake in it. Whether it is a first-quarter kick-off meeting, or an average Monday morning meeting to hash out production objectives, do this by addressing these questions:

  1. How will the people attending the meeting be affected?
  2. What about those who aren’t attending?
  3. What is the overall company culture?

Set an Agenda

You should also plan an agenda for the meeting. Even short meetings need an informal agenda, even if the purpose of the meeting is answering questions or assigning responsibilities relating to clients. Productive and successful meetings will fulfill all of your intended goals, but you can’t accomplish that without knowing what you want to get out of the meet in the first place.

Outline the Meeting

This step of the process is similar to the one before it. However, it’s still somewhat different. During this phase, you might want to integrate a timing component – how long should each segment of the meeting, and how will you cue the transition to the next talking point? These sessions can present an opportunity for company bonding time, so don’t hesitate to bring in some creative and even fun elements into them.

Test Your Revised Meeting Plans

The last step is to test your revised meeting plans. What this step entails is putting your new plan into action and see what the outcome is. Test meetings can help you gauge how different they’ll be, and can help you rehearse before the “real” gathering, which might be a presentation before an important client that you’ve wanted to impress.

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