About Our Clients

Our clients span numerous industries and disciplines, including the education, social services, and behavioral health sectors. We have worked with everyone from large behavioral health facilities to small boutique schools to find the right staff for their open positions. Our passion is helping educational institutions and behavioral health facilities thrive through effective and qualified candidates, not just filling empty positions.

Our Disciplines


Upholding the rigorous educational standards of a modern public or private school means hiring the right support staff to teach and uplift students. Alignstaffing has years of experience working to meet the educational staffing needs of area school systems. We are always looking for qualified, talented educators who have a passion for changing lives.

Social Services

Alignstaffing utilizes a proprietary method for linking certified and licensed social services candidates with the right professional opportunities. Alignstaffing has years of experience working to meet the diverse social services staffing needs of local school systems and counseling facilities. We are continually seeking enthusiastic, experienced social work professionals looking to make lasting impacts on lives.

Behavioral Health

Alignstaffing is privileged to work with leaders in the behavioral health services field to provide competent and dedicated professionals, like you, with opportunities to begin or advance your career. Alignstaffing meets the behavioral health staffing needs of numerous clients throughout the area including residential programs, outpatient programs, schools, and group homes. We are always looking for eager, experienced behavioral health professionals looking to make a difference in the lives of each patient that they serve.