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How to Stay Fit When You Work As a Nurse

How to Stay Fit When You Work As a Nurse

Being a nurse is one of the most stressful jobs there is.

Being a nurse is one of the most stressful jobs there is. Much like any other job in the medical field, you’ll be around sick patients, and sometimes you won’t be able to help them heal. It can lead to compassion fatigue as well as physical fatigue. Staying fit and healthy is critical to good health in general, but it’s even more crucial when you work as a nurse.

Take Time to Exercise

We understand how busy your week is. Still, don’t forget to take some time to exercise. Regular exercise can help you feel energetic enough to get through your next double shift. Also, any exercise routine can help you work off stress. Working the night shift as a nurse can be tough, so even if you just go walking or jogging on your days off, it can be enough. That said, don’t overdo it, and make sure you get enough rest.

Get Enough Rest

Fatigue may not seem as big of a problem as any injury or illness you come across when your on-shift as a nurse. Still, be sure to get enough rest. Sleeping is vital to your success, as exhaustion will interfere with your ability to function, let alone work and interact effectively with colleagues, patients, and relatives of patients.

Find Some Hobbies

Spend some time looking after yourself. Self-care is just as important for nurses as the care they provide to others. Find some new hobbies you can get into; gardening might be a good one as spring begins. Getting some time off for a vacation is a fun way to recover from the stress of your job, so don’t hesitate to look into that. And as always, do what you can to maintain your mental health.

Maintain Mental Health

One way to maintain your mental health is to step away for a little while. Another is to hold onto the times that you were happiest and proud of your accomplishments. Let your problems go, keep a sense of humor, make sure you wash up as often as possible, and balance your work responsibilities with your life outside of nursing.

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