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Acing Your Next Job Interview

Acing Your Next Job Interview

Getting a new job is tough. Here are some phenomenal tips on how to ace your next job interview.

Getting a new job is tough; we understand how time-consuming, frustrating, and at times, disheartening it can be to find employment. But once you get that shot, you don’t want to let it slip away from you. Here are some phenomenal tips on how to ace your next job interview.

Make It Clear You’re a Good Fit

What job are you applying for when you go for your interview?  After all, the process could include more than one interview. Before you can plan for a second interview, you’ve got to pass the first one. Have a handful of reasons prepared to demonstrate your worthiness for the position. In other words, make it clear right away you’re a good fit. Be sure to mention what caught your eye – not just about the company, but about the position, too.

Prepare for Typical Questions

Even the hippest, most cutting-edge companies will have typical job interview questions. They might set it up in an unconventional way, but keep in mind your current situation. Are you searching for your first job, or just for an internship that will help give you a leg up? The more you practice your answers and prepare for what you’ll be asked, you can feel more confident. Then, you can ask the questions you have.

Have Your Questions Ready

Don’t forget to come up with your own questions. By doing this, you indicate how important the position is to you. If you don’t have any questions prepared it could signal that you don’t want the job after all.

Mind Your Body Language

For many introverts, it’s much easier for them to express themselves through writing than through verbal communication. But nonverbal cues are just as crucial to a successful interview as what you say is. So, be sure to mind your body language. You’ve heard it many times before, but don’t dismiss the value of dressing to impress. Make eye contact with the person interviewing it, and don’t hesitate to hold it. Sit up straight, and project an aura of confidence. Even if your stomach is churning with anxiety, remember that confidence is key.

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